About Us



Planting the tree

Asia StarOne Venture Sdn Bhd was established in year 2001 to support Training & Managerial Skills for continuous Human Capital Development. Since then it had grown to provide HR Consulting, Management Consulting, TQM Development, Corporate Transformation, Modular Management Development Courses, Executive Search and Communications. 

In essence, we provide solutions derieved from our Consulting approach to Organization. Programs are customized to the Organization needs and delivered with uncompromising commitment to achieve the intended goals.




Consulting approach shall be our key area and strength to begin with. These approach shall provide us with deep understanding of the organization business and current situation. Therefore solutions proposed to our clients shall be better and timely made. 

Subsequently, we customize training programs and modules that correspond to our initial findings. These trainings shall be our tangible activities delivered for the Organization. In order for us to make the training effective, follow-up through series of coaching sessions are deployed to support behavioral change that leads to positive activities and results.


This is how we are able to uplift our commitment for our clients, that is


...Preparing You Ahead.